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Hollywood Big Hitters  (2023) - Documentary

With unwavering dedication and an unwavering vision, Ty Gordon sets out to craft his maiden feature-length film, "Never Forgotten." From the birth of an idea to its triumphant realization, this documentary shines a light on the challenges, triumphs, and artistry that permeate Ty's compelling journey towards becoming a Hollywood heavyweight.

Never Forgotten (2022) - Feature Film

Three best friends, Nick, a writer and a simple man, Donny, the charismatic ,wealthy one, and Emile, the artist with a bleeding heart, still reside in the small town they grew up in. As their ten-year high school reunion approaches, a dark secret from their past returns to haunt them. 

The three friends struggle to cope with reality as the darkness from their past threatens to destroy their friendship, and along with it, their sanity. 

Obscura (2020) - Feature Film

A photographer named Andrew Kaleen incidentally gets wrapped up in a series of murders delivered through clues in the form of 35mm film.

Harm (2020) - Short Film

A couple goes into the wilderness for a quiet getaway weekend and instead gets just the opposite.

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