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Wooden Finger Studios

About Us
The Team

The People of Wooden Finger Studios 

Ty Gordon
Robert Thomas Preston

Vice President & COO

Andrew Headshot.PNG
Andrew John Lee Tevis

Creative Lead & Associate Producer

About our team

Ty Gordon, President & CEO

Ty Gordon is an American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. He has worked with several production companies based in Portland OR, including, Universal Television LLC and Electric Entertainment John world, Inc and Leverage 4 Holdings TNT Original Production. He has been involved with filmmaking for the past 10 years and has recently executive produced the film "Obscura" which will be streaming on Amazon Prime later this year. 


Robert Thomas Preston, COO

Robert Thomas Preston has had a long-standing career in the film industry. At the age of 7, he began acting, with his first role as a supporting character in Stephen King's Rose Red. He’s spent his entire life dedicated to filmmaking, and his directorial debut “Obscura”  is due to be released on Amazon this year. He is the COO of Wooden Finger Studios and with the WFS team, he’s produced two films, video games and a graphic novel with several more projects in pre-production. With his kind and passionate heart, he uses his life experience to help guide his creative approach in filmmaking. Robert has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Penn State.

Andrew John Lee Tevis, Creative Lead & Associate  Producer

Andrew John is an Actor, musician, writer, producer, and film editor. Currently an associate producer & creative lead at Wooden Finger Studios, Andrew has created and starred in several short films as well as co-wrote, produced, edited and starred in Wooden Finger Studio's recent projects. Having done several projects throughout his career ranging from vocal appearances, drumming in full studio albums, and contributing soundtrack work for films,  and feature length film editing he is just getting started.

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